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High speed machining center
High Speed Double Column Machining Center

High Speed Double Column Machining Center
Built for High Precision Mold Machining

Based on Gentiger's traditional concept of "Dedicated to Excellence", the newly developed GT-V72 Double Column High Speed Machining Center not only has a rigid and stable structure, but also exhibits unmatched performance in high speed, high precision machining. The GT-V72 is equipped with an 18,000 rpm, BBT-40 direct drive spindle. Upon request, a HSK-A63 spindle is available. With 20 M/min. of cutting feed rate and 30 M/min. of rapid feed rate on three axes, high speed machining is easy to achieve. The Gentiger GT-V72 is a high efficiency machine that is specially designed for precise, small mold machining. Choosing the GT-V72 will keep your machining competitive.

Double Colum High Speed Structural Design / A Perfect Combination of Speed and Stability

The Gentiger GT-V72 is specially designed with the advanced T-shape construction to maximize rigidity. In addition, the width of the column is the same as the base. The table is independently moved on the base, and fully supported throughout the entire stroke. These features enable the machine to maintain maximum accuracy year after year.

Outstanding Rigidity

Regarding to its specially designed structure and optimal accuracy, the Gentiger GT-V72 makes small mold machining easy and effortless.

Advanced T-shape construction helps upgrade stability.

One-piece constructed column and beam provides higher rigidity.

Effortless and smooth motions fully meet high speed machining requirements.

X, Y, Z-axes are mounted with roller-type linear ways for high speed traverse, Extra heavy loading capability

Rapid feed rates on X, Y, Z-axis: 30 M/min.

Cutting feed rate on X, Y, Z-axis: 20 M/min.

Positioning accuracy: 0.005mm/Full Stroke. (ISO-230-2)

Repeatability accuracy: <0.004mm/Full Stroke. (ISO-230-2)

Cutter balance is calibrated to within G2.5.!




3 Axes Travel (X / Y / Z)720 x 500 x 400 mm
Cutting Feed Rate (X / Y / Z)20 m/min
Rapid Feed Rate (X / Y / Z)30 m/min
Table Sizes750 x 500 mm
T-slot Sizes18 x 5 x 100 mm
Height of Table from Ground800 mm
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Nose150 ~ 550 mm
Max. Load of Table (Average Load)400 kg
Max. Spindle Speed18,000 rpm
Spindle TypeDirect drive
Bearing LubricationOil mist
Spindle CoolingOil cooling
Spindle TaperBBT-40 / HSK-A63(Opt.)
Spindle Motor Power8.4 kw
Spindle Motor Torque Output27 Nm
Inner Diameter of Spindle Bearing&Oslash;70 mm
Magazine Capacity16 tools
Tool TypeBBT-40 / HSK-A63(Opt.)
Max. Tool Diameter&Oslash;80 mm
Max. Tool Length250 mm
Max. Tool Weight5 kg
Motor of Tool Magazine60 w
3 Axes Servo Motors (X / Y / Z)X: 6.3 kw / Y: 5 kw / Z: 5 kw
Air Pressure Required7 kg / cm2
Air Conditioner for Elec. Cabinet550 w
Spindle Cooler1,950 w
Automatic Lubricator (Slide Ways)150 w
Cutting Coolant Motor750 w
Coolant Flushing Motor1580 w
Total Power Consumption40 KVA
Coolant Tank Capacity220 Liter
Machine Dimensions2,265 x 2,800 x 2,650 mm
Packing Dimensions2,300 x 3,000 x 2,550 mm
Net Weight6,000 kg
Gross Weight6,600 kg

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