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CNC Internal external grinding complex machine
CNC Internal external grinding complex machine

• Single sand wheel spindle 
• Lathe/machining modules 
 available (options)。
• Grinding heads available 
 (KG-150B options)。
• X-, Y-axis travels 300/ 400+100mm。
• maximum grinding depth 150mm。
• Fanuc/Syntec CNC controllers。
• Half-close typed cover。

Stable structure, high rigidity
• NSK linear guideway & ball screws。
• -, Z-axis have selected NSK linear guideway and ball 
 screws for high precision and high rigidity features。

High grade casting iron
• The structure body adopts FC30 high grade casting iron,
 which is handled after annealing and stress elimination 
 to ensure machine precision and stability

Solid machine base
• The big and solid machine base is designed by 
 mechanics to display its unique characteristics

Servo motor driving
• X-, Y-,Z-axis adopt servo motor driving, with a minimum
 movement of 0.0001mm
  Single grinding spindle Single grinding spindle + 
machining module
High speed, high precision sand wheel spindle
• Sand wheel spindle speeds:10,000/ 20,000/ 30,000/ 40,000/ 50,000 rpm。
•The spindle adopts Siemens motor driving to meet frequency controller for 
step-less   change。
• The sand wheel adopts a slant typed ball screw for supporting, ensuring a 
good loading for axis and diameter travels.。
Working piece spindle head
•The working piece spindle head is adjustable by an angle of -5˚~+15˚, 
suitable for a slant    face grinding。
•The spindle adopts Siemens motor driving to meet frequency controller 
for step-less   change。
•The working piece adopts both roller and slant angled ball screws for 
supporting, ensuring   a good loading for axis and diameter travels。
• The working piece spindle movement adopts servo motor driving。
Sand wheel dressing
• The multi-functional sand wheel dressing is suitable for inner/external faces.  Inner/external tapers, and inner/external round grinding
• Stable installation; ensures the stability of sand wheel dressing。
Hydraulic Three-jaw Chuck
• The working piece head is installed with an 8” hydraulic three-jaw chuck to 
hold working piece。


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