UNION provide full range industrial brushes

UNION provide full range industrial brushes for your special applications. Our popular product range covers power brush and strip brush, roller brush and non-woven FM rolls, super finishing and precision brush, deburring and grinding brush, sanding brush and anti-static conductive brush, professional HTA brush and professional honing brush... Idea used for cleaning, brushing, grinding, deburring, polishing and drilling. Our brushes are designed feasible for several applications and equipment. For instance, air and electric grinders, portable grinders, power or air tool, hand tool, sander, band saw sharpener, large roller brush for washing and oiling, PCB brushes for electrics industry, anti-static brush for IC function test in semiconductor industry, surface cleaning after acid pickling for steel industry, aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloy deburring. All kinds of professional brushes are available for CUSTOM-MADE.


TEL : 886-6-2655111

FAX : 886-6-2639199

No.42-1, Xinle Rd., South Dist., Tainan City , Taiwan

Website : www.unionbrush.com


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