Features] - Special design on curved tip provides effective working conditions in tiny corner areas. - The high elastic and high strength industrial nylon 66 filaments feature in dust adhesion in the surface of brush and availabilities of removing accumulated dust in narrow areas. - The industrial nylon 66 filaments have characteristic of heat resistance(softened point 210°C), alkali resistance, water resistance and oil resistance. - Small and narrow size hand brushes are handy and useful for light works. - With high strength stainless steel handle body, it won’t turn to rusty when store in wet surroundings. - Idea to use in average metal, wood, glass, marble, or plastic objects brushing and will not cause scratches on the surface. [Applications] Provide total solutions for domestic D.I.Y and light industrial users.  Bathroom - Tiles gap - Hair dirt stuck in the edge of drainage hole (in washing basin, shower room, bathtub) - Showerhead - Toilet seat - Faucet gap with washing basin/bathtub - Window slot seam  Kitchen - Burnt stove - Sink strainer for shower, bathroom or kitchen sinks - Exhaust fans on the range hoods - Dish dryer/ drainers  Household appliances - Keyboard gap - Stand fan - Air conditioning filter - Blinds - Pet cage  Light industrial Works - Welding dross - Mechanical parts


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