18th Golden Award

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The results of the selection of the 18th "Golden Hand Award" were released. On the 19th, the award ceremony was held at Yue Yuen Garden Hotel. The Mayor of Taichung, Lu Xiuyan, was present to praise 20 award-winning SMEs, and was sure to be the "God of Management" from scratch. Struggling hard in Taichung is the light of the city; she encourages industry players to exchange experiences and invest in social welfare, so that Taiwan's economy will improve and the country's society will be better.
The small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation for the development of local industries in Taichung. The Taichung City Industrial and Commercial Development Investment Policy Association has created the first "Golden Hand Award" in the country. The selection of small and medium-sized enterprises with stable operations, outstanding performance in all aspects and specific contributions to the society has publicly praised it. In the 18th session, we hope to encourage enterprises to upgrade their business quality and strengthen investment conditions.
Lu Xiuyan said that the state, society and local governments all need the economy. SMEs are the foundation of the economy. The winners of the gold medals are not only the operators who have overcome difficulties, but also the champions of enterprises. This is not only their own achievements, but also their own achievements. It is the glory of the city; the new municipal team pays special attention to the Golden Hand Award after taking office. It not only continues to be held, but also enhances the quality of selection and the scale of the ceremony. Thanks to all SMEs for their efforts in fighting for Taichung. The winners are "God of Management".
The strategy committee pointed out that Taichung is not only a mechanical center, but also a gateway for Taiwan's innovative industry corridors to enter and exit the Asia-Pacific region. It will help upgrade Taiwan's smart machinery standards to international standards. The gold hand awards have been selected by various professional field judging panels, and have undergone written review and field research. Interviews have stood out from many SMEs.
The 20 companies that won this year include Tongshun Technology, Zhongtian Precision Machinery, Keys and Machinery, Gaowei Precision Technology, Dayi Technology, Shengyang Metal, Baoda Jingye, Qingong Co., Ltd., Yuda Precision Machinery, Shengji Machinery Factory, Chung Yang Industry CO., Qiaoguang Technology, Jingwei Enterprise, Guocang Machinery Factory, Chongming Textile, Handan Precision, Xianjing Enterprise, Jinhui Plastic, Lixin Precision Tool, Zhexing Printing, etc.


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