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Centerless Grinder
Centerless Grinder


1. The centerless grinder adopts a high-grade cast iron (FC300) lathe bed. Its internal stress is eliminated through appropriate heat treatment to ensure the durability of the machine.

2. The spindles of the grinding wheels and regulating wheels are made of high-quality alloy steel (SNCM-439) that has undergone normalization, tempering, high-frequency and subzero treatments before the precision grinding, in order to improve product stability, prevent deformation and prolong service life.

3. Λ-shaped slide rails and double wedge auxiliary guides are used for the bottom slide. The double Λ-shaped slide rails have undergone high-frequency hardening treatment and precision grinding, which can block out mud, while offering a lightweight and precise structure.

4. Dresser: 

The dressing device is made of high-grade cast iron (FC300) via precision grinding and scarping. The angle of the dressing device on the regulating wheel can be adjusted (±5º) during grinding according to the nature of the workpiece and actual requirements, so as to ensure a good contact surface between the workpiece and regulating wheel, and to achieve optimal straightness and surface precision.

5. Gearbox:

The gearbox is made of high-grade alloy steel (SCM-415), with the gear surface and inner diameter having undergone precision grinding to help achieve the optimal abrasion resistance during gear operation, as well as to sustain heavy loads.

6. Description of the grinding principles:

The grinding method of the centerless grinder does not require jacking the center hole, but supporting the workpiece with the carbide blade instead. It is composed of 3 parts: grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work rest blade.

a.   The grinding wheel smoothes the surface of the workpiece to achieve the required fineness.

b.   The regulating wheel drives the rotation and grinding speed of the workpiece; the distance between the guide wheel and the grinding wheel is the outer diameter of the processed workpiece.

c.   The work rest blade can support the workpiece during grinding, which allows the workpiece to rotate on the carbide blade surface while ensuring the horizontal movement of the workpiece.

7. Applicable industries:

Automobile parts, damper, steering system, oil pressure valve element, aerospace components, medical application, precision bearing, high-precision machine parts, electronics, cutting tools, oil pressure and pneumatic system.

8. Applicable products:

Starting shaft, transmission shaft, balance shaft, bolt, transmission parts, universal joint, ball screw, bearing component, bearing ring, camshaft, pinion shaft, valve, rolling element, axis parts, etc.



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