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Optical Edge Finder
Electric Edge Finder(seeking a heart)

Founded in the field of precision mechanical parts manufacturing and cylindrical grinding, the company has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the company. It has accumulated a wealth of experience in machining. In recent years, it has developed its own brand and developed and produced CNC lathe inner hole cutters. Products such as edge finder are not only complete in size and specifications, but also precise and durable, and have high CP values, which are well received by the market.

The main purpose of the edge finder is to locate the reference point of the "machined workpiece". In the numerical control machining, it is a detection tool for accurately determining the center position of the workpiece to be machined. The working principle is to select one side of the origin on the X axis (reference point). ), deducting the radius value of the edge finder probe, that is, the X-axis center point, and finding the Y-axis origin and center point in the same way, so that the machining reference point of the workpiece in the X and Y planes can be obtained.

In view of the mechanical spring type edge finder currently on the market, under the high speed operation of the main shaft, it is easy to exceed the pulling force due to the rapid rotation centrifugal force, and the spring is tired, so that the lower half of the finder can be ejected.

In order to consider the safety of the work, we are fully committed to the development of a new series of patented edge finder products. Our series of edge finder, the patented structural design of the inner flange and the concave edge, increases the concave and convex joint surface between the clamping end and the measuring end. When the main shaft rotates at a high speed, the flange and the concave edge support each other. It ensures the safety of operators and effectively overcomes the situation in which the lower part of the traditional edge finder is flying and injuring people.


  • 610#




    Ceramic-1010#, 1010L#

    Patent new type -420#, 1020#


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